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How can Easy PAYE Ltd help you?

  • Is it time you considered out-sourcing your payroll with Easy PAYE Ltd?
  • What are your priorities in seeking to take away your 'pay day' worries?
  • Do you want to take control and reduce your overhead costs?
  • Do you want to take away the worry of keeping up to date with payroll legislation?
  • Do you want to ensure your staff and your company fully benefit from all possible allowances?
  • Do you want to receive the reports that answer your payroll questions so that you can put your energy into running your business?

Then its time you talked to Easy PAYE Ltd

Our business clients range from large organisations through to small family run traders and everything in between.

We believe in working with our clients, in order to provide a truly personal service. We take time to learn about and understand each clients business objectives.

We encourage all our clients to think of us as a business partner, as a result, many of our smaller business clients treat us as a sounding board to help with key management decisions and business planning, with regards to their staff and HR issues.

Personal Service...

We understand the importance of developing a close working relationship with you. By building a detailed knowledge of your key objectives and the issues affecting the areas in which you operate, we can provide you with the proactive advice you need to stay ahead in todays fast moving and competitive business environment.

We aim to keep you fully informed about your staffing and payroll costs and issues at all times. Our experienced and professional staff are extremely approachable and are always happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

The administration of your payroll costs you more than you think!...

How much are you spending on...

  • Payroll software, updates, on-line support systems?
  • Special computer hardware?
  • Specialist payroll staff and staff training?
  • Legislation and HMRC updates
  • HR (inc Contract of Employment) Management?
  • On-line banking management and costs?
  • Specialist stationery, printing and ink cartridges?
  • Staff time dealing with the Inland Revenue and staff queries?

Do you have...

  • The staff
  • The facilities
  • The expertise
  • The confidence

to deal with a routine Inland Revenue inspection?

By out-sourcing your payroll you benefit by...

Knowing all your costs in advance, thus making budgeting much simpler

Enjoying the confidence that you are benefiting from all current and correctly applied leglislation and regulations concerning the employment of your staff.

Having experts to deal with your staff and Inland Revenue queries and reports.

Receiving individually designed statistical and accounting reports to meet your requirements.

Having assistance and advice on your responsibilities regarding Contracts of Employment, Holiday Pay, Sickness Pay, Maternity Pay, plus a host of other deductions which are the responsibility of the employer to administer.

You have peace of mind knowing that;

The correct PAYE and National Insurance rates are being used.

Payments to staff and HMRC are correct and on time.

Your payroll records are secured and backed up in accordance with legislative requirements.


When the Inland Revenue do want to inspect your payroll records, we will have all the documentation needed on our files to ensure the inspection is completely pain free.

Contact Us...

To discuss any of the services please contact us:

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